Kind of ironic that I’m going to list some stuff in the about page on an anonymous blog.

I’m sure someone who really knows me could piece things together and know who I am. I’m not really trying hard to keep it a secret, its more something that my mind is put at ease by knowing that people won’t be so easily (I hope) find if they’re interviewing me for a job (not likely that I’ll be doing many of those as working for myself is my main intention in life)

So, I’m an E-RYT-200. I’m an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I read astrological charts through the Vedic system (jyotisha – jyoti = light – isha = god, so the light of god is a cool direct translation). I’ve got a background in gaming addiction and netflix binging. I love everything about art and art related. I believe life is inseparable from art itself.

I’m a big gaming nerd in general and I know enough about computers to build and maintain my own system and network (PC master race, but I own an iPhone haha)

Other stuff: Male/29, Love long walks in my spirit realm while meditating.

Tropical chart essentials : Sun: Pisces, Moon: Cancer, Ascendant: Capricorn

Sidereal chart essentials : Sun: Pisces, Moon: Gemini, Ascendant: Sagittarius

Really getting down with this sobriety thing (about 2.5 months at this point as of 3/18/18), substances only speaking, I’ve still been gaming, but I haven’t gone into a black hole of World of Warcraft since last year where I played for a month day and night, I guess that was a bit of a relapse huh. Cool stuff. I think this page lets you email me with questions, I’m going to do my best to make more posts although a lot of my purpose in making this to vent to myself and share it in an open place has almost been served, so I’ll be posting more along the lines of random ramblings and experiences I think are cool that others may appreciate or enjoy!