So being a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner don’t seem to be enough to cut it

I’m absolutely torn up and stressed about continuing this job.

I’ve been given access to a sum of money in the form of a mutual fund that was gifted to me from my father as a college fund. A series of events led me to learn about Ayurveda from my soon to be cousin-uncle (google it, its a distinction that people only deal with in huge families like in India, where he’s from).

I knew destroying myself practicing too much yoga, earning too little money, and just working that path was not enough. I wanted to do something that would give me credentials, education, authority, to provide people more for themselves in their lives and learn more to enrich my own life.

I literally blindly applied to this school. I had hardly learned anything about ayurveda, I remember watching a clip of this guy’s dvd and my hand and arm hurting because I was writing so fast.

I had this creeping feeling too about my living situation. My roommate was a dealer and I didn’t feel comfortable about how he operated or the people he brought around most of the time.

I applied and was accepted into the school. My mom had literally just moved to the same town this school was in. Her sister lives 2 blocks from the school. It was a family connection that shared about this teacher. Just all of these stars aligning to get out there.

This is the beginning of a journey into the pure roots of yoga and vedic sciences. I very quickly learned while I was out there that I didn’t know shit about yoga. I had only had a wiff of it, and it was a real sweaty one from this watered down McPower Yoga practice which was just yoga poses + landmark.

Don’t get me twisted, landmark is great, and power yoga is invigorating. I just feel very disgruntled and disrespected for being sold that it was yoga. Sure in the context of ‘what isn’t yoga’ it’s yoga. It just had almost nothing to do with any of the more esoteric and deeper aspects of the practice and study. It was more focused on learning your ‘story’ and your ‘act’ to discern how you can ‘be powerful’ in your own life. I had a transformative experience every time, I’m not even saying it didn’t work for me. I’m just saying, its a travesty to call it yoga and charge $4,500 for an experience which isn’t even authentic to the traditions.

Maybe I’ve just got beef because I’m looking for the pure juice. I’d rather take shots than drink watered down beer.





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