I’m off at this gathering, DMT-2, some underground kind of rave event down in the fucking woods of southern Virginia at this location unknown to me. I’m hanging out being social at a campsite, and took some mdma. This dude rolls up on the camp site offering us DMT, and starts complaining about the event being called DMT, and nobody has any legit DMT but him at this place. He gives us the once over, do this do that, “Hold your breath as long as you can, and you’ll know when to breathe out, you’ll just know”. We buy a few bags, and have our night.

Sitting there with friends I’m having a wonderful time reflecting on life and reality with the mali corsing through me and having zero cares in the world and enjoy the rest of the night and the enhanced vision of energies and auras around me as I’m semi-rolling, I say semi because I understand ‘rolling’ to be with ecstasy, which I’d only done once before, and think I had a bunked pill. I avoid amphetamines anyways, I’m not interested in the destruction they cause.

I held onto the DMT for quite some time, I think it was a Saturday, late in the morning. I remember looking outside at the bare trees from my townhouse window, with the mold collecting at the edges from the water penetration through the shitty windows the land lord neglected to replace. My friend sat with me watching me as I went in.

I set myself up in my bed, with a blindfold, struck the lighter, lowered it to the glass pipe in my hands. I observed the yellow crystals melt over the leftover marijuana I sprinkled it upon. I took the largest breath I could, held it in deep. Pulled the blindfold over my eyes, laid down and held my breath as long as I could. My spine totally aligned and I experienced pure peace in the physical form. I found myself lifting up out of the body, it was this dark cosmic field which I was traveling through. No body no eyes, just this central viewpoint, like a camera floating in space. If you find the album cover for ‘Uplifter, by 311’, it was an image that looked similar to that, this door passageway before me I lifted towards, into, and through. My perspective shifted orientation and it went from this reclined to an upright position. I felt like I had lifted up into a realm or a location where I observed a dark blue pyramid, similar to south america the, the ancient pyramids, that variety of architecture is what I saw before me, and I simply sat there, no words, no description, just observation. After a few moments, My path reversed and I lowered back down into my normal self, realized I was inside of a blindfold again, and sat up.

I asked how long it had been. My friend watching me had described that it had been maybe 10 minutes. He described that I made this sound which he had heard no human make before. I had no recollection of this.

I waited a few minutes and went back in, I set in my mind this intention. I believe it was 3 times I did it, I’ll just jumble the next ones together. I was seeking some knowledge, or information to bring back. I remember going up again, experiencing being in a room with a table, and this wisp arm like entity communicating to me. I recall it picking me up and swirling me back down towards my body spinning me in circles essentially bitch slapping me back down into my body ‘there is something you just don’t get about whats going on’, words one of my best friends had said to me once before while tripping I recall him popping up in my memory.

I sat back up, still under the influence, and looked around the room and it was like a visual overlay, this box like structure, matrix like in nature, like the code running around, and these cubbies where these implanted mechanical beings were sitting around me lodged inside of the walls surrounding me, above them a half circle arch with gears implanted. Their arms reaching to the edges, hands of cogs, rolling slowly down like the arms of a rolex’s second hand, that smooth persistent motion and one of them turned its head towards me and looked at me. No communication. Only pure observation.

I recall this vision and experience of being angelic, as if I had angel wings, that I could see what my friend saw through his eyes upon me, these angelic wings formed behind me made of a golden white energy.

The last one I recall going through that uplifter album cover door (picture puzzle pattern door if you’ve seen the spirit molecule) and witnessing this blossoming, blooming, undulating entity of fluctuating extended arms or what appeared similar to flexible aloe vera plant arms swaying. Thousands of these arms, swaying in every direction and unfolding and layering from within down and back into itself.

I remember coming out of the whole experience and hugging my friend crying. I had felt this weight of fear about death being lifted. Understanding the science behind it, that the body is flooded with DMT before death, and pain is relieved and released, the cosmic orgasm of death is all that awaits us on the other end of life. What journeys lie beyond are unknown, I believe because they aren’t necessarily useful to the progress of this present life and the information is intentionally hidden, as it would only serve as a distraction from the true purpose, which is to have pure experience, and have this mysterious journey which life itself is. I feel I’ve experienced a glimpse of what the other side holds, and what is waiting for all of us is peace, wonder and adventure.





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