I’m running late to work one day, speeding, rushing. I see this cute girl in a neon green shirt riding up the hill after a traffic light. I hit the gas too hard, couldn’t break in time because someone far ahead, hit one car, they hit another car, have 2 cars involved, totally smashed the front end of my low mazda hatchback and bent in the whole radiator.

Get out, everyone is ok, exchange insurance. Get in the car again- blinkers on- call the tow truck. Get this.

I turn around- I WATCH this car pull back into the lane I’ve got my flashers on in and rear end me while I’m twisted turned around. My face hits the head rest, I get shook around in the car, the car gets pushed up onto the double wide sidewalk and I pop out of the car laughing hysterically.

A paramedic truck comes by later, I turn down the ride because I don’t have health insurance and I’m too afraid of getting medical bills. I get off work and spend the rest of the day on the phone with insurance companies with a mild concussion organizing a rental car, go to the grocery store, come home and smoke some more buds.

This put me in quite a predicament. I had just been getting fed up with the shit job I was working, I had finally gotten access to this mutual fund my dad put money into when he was doing well- so I had a decent chunk of money to put into either, a car, college, and keep working, or go off to school and get further education.

I was without a college education. I didn’t see myself doing that- I dropped out of college when I realized I chose graphic design just to fuck off and game. Real graphic designers just learn via tutorials, build a portfolio and do work. I didn’t have that passion or drive or motivation or anything. I was just numb and resigned.

I wanted to do something related to the yoga teaching I was getting so into.

My cousin’s finacee suggested I look into ayurveda. He gave me these books on ayurveda and a dvd which I checked out a bit. I flipped through a few pages of the books, not really looking at much. I turned on the DVD and found myself with my journal writing like a MAD MAN. My arm hurt after 10 minutes, then I realized I was too stoned and needed to sleep. I knew from that moment that I wanted to learn from this guy. I didn’t put any more thought into it. I sent in my application, did a phone interview, got accepted, and was enrolled.

I’m really going in blind here. One of the last days I was in town I remember reading some of the intro book realizing, wow, this may be a much more serious study than I thought. It went into all these details of learning lines on the face, how to read nails, pulse and other things. It was cool, I just didn’t quite see how much of a comprehensive system this was until I saw those pages.

I’ll refrain from talking much about them since my next post is about my experience with DMT. (You can put the pieces together around discovering Ayurveda schools in New Mexico…)


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